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The shop solution from Germany

Shopware is a solid basis for developing and managing a successful online shop.

Shopware stands out as a top e-commerce platform, known for its flexibility and customisation options.

MODX - Content Management System

Flexible and convenient

The most important thing a CMS should be able to do is to make content editors' work as easy as possible. MODX offers a very intuitive interface for editing content - the MODX Manager.

It not only allows flexible restructuring of pages via drag & drop, but also restructuring of page elements.

A simple user interface means faster content editing, which allows our customers to concentrate more on their core business.

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Send customised newsletter campaigns quickly and easily.

E-mail marketing

E-mails have long established themselves as a fast, flexible and powerful means of communication.

With our newsletter campaigns, you can inform your customers in a targeted and personalised way.